This is 2-year-old Ruthie at her Intradermal Allergy Testing (IDAT) appointment. Dogs will typically start showing signs of environmental allergies between the ages of 1-5. Cats can develop signs of environmental allergies at any time.

An itchy patient

Ruthie is a two-year-old chihuahua mix. Her mom, Mountain Star Client Service Coordinator, Jane Cady, describes her pre-IDAT conditions as “constant nibbling on her feet and belly, scratching her neck, and sleeplessness for a few weeks.” Ruthie was miserable before her visit with Dr Jackie Diamond.

Treatment plans and next steps are different for every pet. But this scenario will give you a general sense of what to expect for your pet.

Ruthie’s 1-hour IDAT Appointment

Intradermal Allergy Testing (IDAT) is an in-depth test of familiar allergens to see what’s bothering your cat or dog.

We made sure Ruthie was relaxed, pain-free, and secure. Fear Free methods created a calm setting. Jane says that Ruthie was peaceful and happy afterward, not groggy like post-surgical pets.


Jane learned Ruthie is allergic to almost everything: grasses, trees, humans, including Jane, and the cat with whom she shares her pillow!

Ruthie got a personalized anti-itch plan to help her immune system deal with her environment. The treatment will repair her skin, reduce allergen exposure, and soothe flare-ups.

She will also visit Mountain Star for anti-itch injections each season.

Now, Ruthie can use her energy to tease her cat roommate rather than nipping at herself.


Dr Diamond notes that allergy vaccine/immunotherapy is the safe and singular treatment that has been shown to prevent the progression of allergies. For even more details about Ruthie’s experience, click here.

At Mountain Star, that’s our goal: to heal pets’ skin and eye conditions so clients can enjoy their pets as companions.

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