Who We Are

We are board certified specialists who help veterinarians and their clients traverse the specialty care landscape.

Our Story

We opened Mountain Star to ease the suffering of pets. It is likely you’ve exhausted several options to heal your pet’s eye or skin conditions.

We’re here to help. We work alongside family veterinarians to provide the highest level of care, support, and communication for clients and patients. We use the newest medical treatments while drawing on our decades of experience in specialty medicine.

We strive to be your destination for specialized veterinary care and get your pet the help you have been hoping for.

Our Mission

To be the preferred specialty veterinary medical care provider and the preferred employer of veterinary medical professionals in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Our Promise

We provide the highest quality care by focusing on clinical excellence, effective communication, and healthy practice culture. At Mountain Star, we honor the Golden Rule: treat others as you’d like to be treated. We deliver a premium experience — one that’s personalized and focused.

Our Values

We’ll build a relationship with you using these 3 elements:
Competence: We are very good at our jobs. We cultivate technical excellence.
Integrity: We are honest with strong moral principles. We do what we say we’ll do.
Benevolence: We genuinely care about others. We’re empathic, well-meaning, and kind. Plus, we’ll include nonprofits in our care program from day one.

We’re committed to JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion)

Our Company JEDI commitment Statement is: Mountain Star is committed to ensuring a culture of equity and inclusion because we know that a diverse workplace is vital to providing the best care for clients and their pets. Our team is at our best when we embrace our individual identities, collaborate, and invest in each other.