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What to Expect from your Pet’s Visit to Mountain Star Veterinary Specialists

What to Expect


We understand that no one wants to pursue specialty care for themselves or their animals, so we strive to provide the care and understanding we expect for our own healthcare.

Experienced Support Staff

All our team members have 10-25 years of experience in veterinary medicine, which is exceptional in this field.

Experienced Top-Notch Doctors

All our doctors have received advanced training beyond veterinary school, including internship and residency training, and have passed a rigorous board certification examination. They are respected and trusted by primary care veterinarians in Colorado.

Low-Stress Patient Handling

We understand that most dogs and cats are anxious at veterinary visits. We all have advanced training in Fear Free patient care. We often hear from clients that, “He never acts this comfortable at previous veterinary visits.”

We Do Our Homework

Your doctor will review all of your pet’s available medical records prior to your appointment. From this foundation, we can move forward together to achieve our shared goal: improved health for your furry family member.

We Take Our Time

Our new patient appointment times are long at 40 minutes for Ophthalmology and 60 minutes for Dermatology. We have found this necessary for a thorough examination and effective communication.

Transparent Examination Pricing

Our doctors will perform a thorough examination, including the necessary testing in the exam room and our in-house laboratory, to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. We won’t ever bill you for each individual line item. Instead, we charge one comprehensive price.

Excellent Communication Skills

First, we learn what is most important to you. We communicate our examination findings and partner with you to achieve the best outcomes.


Our commitment to you does not end when you leave the building. Our doctors are available to you outside of appointment times to address your concerns as they arise. We will create a medical record that will document our examination findings and recommendations. We will distribute this medical record to you and to all of the veterinarians who are involved with your pet’s care.

State of the Art Facility and Equipment

We work in a custom-design facility that reflects the premium care that we provide. We have spared no expense in acquiring the best quality medical, surgical, and diagnostic equipment, which is what we would want for our own animals.

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