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This terrier had a benign meibomian gland eyelid tumor. The tumor inappropriately secreted oils into the eyelid which incited an inflammatory reaction. I used cryosurgery to remove the tumor without shortening the eyelid. Cryosurgery is the best option for older dogs.

We want to partner with you to provide the best care for your patients. Mountain Star can help when you don’t want to anesthetize an older patient. 

Cryosurgery is a fantastic surgical option for your patients with a benign meibomian gland eyelid tumor, which are common in dogs over age 10. Eyelid tumors cause pain and irritation, necessitating surgery. Removal decreases the risk of corneal ulceration and conjunctivitis.

I prefer cryosurgery to traditional surgical excision and reconstruction (where the patient is under general anesthesia) because it’s safer. It’s also effective: I have a 96% cure rate.* Plus, it results in a better recovery time for patients. 

As a veterinary ophthalmologist, I’ve treated eyelid tumors with cryosurgery for 30 years. 

Symptoms of benign eyelid tumors:
– Ocular discharge
– Conjunctival hyperemia
– Blepharospasm and rubbing at the eye

3 benefits of cryosurgery for older dogs:

  1. Local anesthesia and sedation. Cryosurgery uses light sedation versus general anesthesia. Cryosurgery also eliminates the need for eyelid shortening and sutures, meaning a faster recovery time for the older patient.  
  2. Comfortable and quick recovery. Cryosurgery patients rarely need to wear an Elizabethan collar for 2 weeks, making recovery more comfortable. Dogs experience a quick recovery time of 2-3 days.
  3. The whole procedure is easier on the patient. Dogs are awake after the procedure and can walk out of the hospital. 

Jackson, a 12-year-old lab. Left: tumor before surgery. Right: the cryosurgery site 6 weeks post-operatively.

What to expect post-operatively: dogs will experience mild eyelid swelling at the surgery site that lasts a few days. The eyelid margin will lose pigment. It turns pink, then white, and then normalizes after 4-6 months.

How it works: Cryosurgery uses freezing temperatures to destroy tumor cells while sparing the normal eyelid structures. This makes it an ideal choice for treating eye issues in dogs because it’s less damaging than traditional methods. In my experience, 96% of my patients are cured with one treatment. Plus, when asked, 98% of clients would recommend this treatment to a friend.* 

Cost: The total cost for the exam, procedure, and follow-up appointments is $2200. A little about Mountain Star: we pay our team 30% above market rate to attract the best of the best. Our pricing reflects our first-class skillset that translates into the best experience for your clients and patients. 

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At Mountain Star, our goal is to heal pets’ skin and eye conditions so clients can enjoy their pets as healthy companions.

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*results from unpublished internal survey.

Cryosurgery on an older dog’s benign meibomian gland eyelid tumor.